Safety Studies

12-Month Laboratory Safety Study

Demonstrated to be safe and well-tolerated for long-term use1

In the 12-Month Laboratory Safety Study, the most common adverse events were mild emesis and loose stools in all groups, as well as excess salivation among some dogs receiving higher capromorelin doses.

Clinical Field Study

Shown to be safe and effectively stimulate appetite in dogs enrolled in a large multi-center Clinical Field Study2

The results of this study demonstrated ENTYCE® (capromorelin oral solution) to be well-tolerated in a large population of client-owned dogs with varying ages and breeds with concomitant medications and clinical conditions. Capromorelin related events were mild with some adverse events consistent with a restored appetite.

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Adverse reactions reported in dogs administered ENTYCE compared with vehicle control

Adverse Reactions*ENTYCE (n=171)*n(%)Placebo (n=73)*n(%)
Diarrhea12 (7.0%)5 (6.8%)
Vomiting11 (6.4%)4 (5.5%)
Elevated blood urea nitrogen (BUN)7 (4.1%)2 (2.7%)
Polydipsia7 (4.1%)1 (1.4%)
Elevated phosphorus4 (2.3%)1 (1.4%)
Hypersalivation4 (2.3%)0 (0.0%)
Abdominal discomfort2 (1.2%)0 (0.0%)
Flatulence2 (1.2%)0 (0.0%)
Lethargy/depression2 (1.2%)0 (0.0%)
Nausea2 (1.2%)0 (0.0%)
Elevated creatinine1 (0.6%)1 (1.4%)
*The following adverse reactions were reported in <1% of dogs that were administered ENTYCE, increased fecal volume, increased gut sounds and polyuria.

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In-Clinic Tools

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Professional Education

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  2. ZollersB, Rhodes L, Heinen E. Capromorelin oral solution increases food consumption and body weight when administered for 4 consecutive days to healthy adult Beagle dogs in a randomized, masked, placebo controlled study. BMC Vet Res. 2017; 13:10.